A Stable Job Is What Matters

Over the last couple of years, money has become the most important thing on this planet, even if it just a piece of paper with a nominal value on it, people would actually bow down to it if it were a living being; that’s how important it is. It’s basically like everything revolves around money, as its’ the basis of how everyone operates. Some people depend on it like it’s all they’ve got left of them, and hold on to it for their dear life. And then there are the people who are so greedy for it they don’t know what they’d do without it in their life. In some cases people will do anything to get their hands on cash, because they’re desperate that way.
When people do things like these it’s so easy to see this different side to them, the darker side, the side they never show to anyone but it slowly makes its way through in times like these. That’s why there’s the saying that the world has become a ‘rat race’ because everyone is constantly fighting or competing for something one way or another.This is why people are expected to have a job that pays a surmountable amount of money that’s enough to pay the bills and the other basic necessities like food and water. But then there’s the fact that the world population has increased to 7.5 billion overall, and to think that these people will all need jobs, but eventually there will come a time where there will be more people and less jobs to cover up for these people. The upcoming generations will definitely have a very difficult time when they’ll have to make a living with how the situation is going on right now. As of now there are millions of people who are already unemployed and have been for a very long period of time as it’s so hard to get a job because there aren’t enough jobs for everyone.

Another issue is the fact that the younger generations are getting all the jobs because times are changing, and there’s no room for the older generations anymore. 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